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Buccaneers OC to Jameis Winston: Don’t try so hard


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers know what they have in quarterback Jameis Winston as he heads into his fourth NFL season.

Although offensive coordinator Todd Monken lauded Winston’s leadership and physical attributes when speaking to reporters Thursday, he doesn’t want his quarterback to put additional pressure on himself.

That’s fine. That’s the way it is. OK, no one is going to blame [wide receiver] Mike Evans for why we haven’t made the playoffs. That’s part of it. We get that. That doesn’t mean we all don’t want to win.

Meanwhile, Winston comes off a season establishing career highs in completion percentage (63.8) and passer rating (92.2).

The quarterback has the confidence and physical tools to succeed, but Monken wants Winston to get on the field and play freely while understanding the team is behind him.

I think the main thing is, ‘OK, Jameis, be yourself. You don’t have to try so hard. The guys know naturally you’re our leader,’ Monken said.

“We like young receivers, so I’m assuming that’s the way we are going to keep going,” Rodgers said (via Zone Madison). “But he’s a talented player. He’s going to end up somewhere. If he ends up here, we’ll obviously welcome him with open arms.”

And when Manziel agreed to a two-year contract with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League over the weekend, even more took note, because let’s face it: quarterbacks with strong arms, athleticism and a proven ability to ad-lib on the fly don’t exactly grow on trees. “His game fits some of the things teams are doing now,” one NFL decision-maker told Yahoo Sports.

The league released a statement on that matter later Monday confirming Patricia and the Lions followed protocol.

Patricia was indicted by a grand jury on one count of aggravated sexual assault in 1996. He and a teammate on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute football team were charged after allegedly bursting into a South Padre Island, Texas, hotel room where a woman was sleeping and sexually assaulting her.

Neither Patricia nor his teammate stood trial after the woman decided not to testify. The case was dismissed in 1997 and the police report from the reported incident has been thrown out.

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